F1.Nan Xiang Soup Dumplings (6)

(Signature Pork Soup Dumplings)

F2.Crab Meat & Pork Soup Dumplings (6)

F3.Chicken Soup Dumplings (6) (No Pork) $7.95

F4.Chinese Squash, Shrimp, Pork Soup Dumplings (6) $10.50

F5.Scallop & Pork Soup Dumplings (6)$10.50

F6.Lucky Six Soup Dumplings (6)$10.50

Signature + Crab Meat & Pork + Black Truffle + Chinese Squash + Scallop

F7.Truffle Pork Soup Dumplings (6) $10.95


A1.Hot Soy Bean Milk $2.95

A2.Iced Sweet Soy Milk 2.95

A3.Salt Soy Milk $2.95

A4.Sweet Soybean Pudding $2.95

A5. Salt Soybean Pudding $2.95

A6.Crispy Dough $1.95

A7.Scallion Pancake $4.25

A8.Sweet Sticky Rice Roll $2.95

A9. Salt Sticky Rice Roll $3.95

A10. Scallion Pancake with Sliced Beef $5.95

A11. Fried Chinese Chives Box

(Chinese Chives, Shrimp & Egg)

A12. Red Bean Puff (4)

A13. Crispy Shredded Turnip Ham Puffs (4)


C1. Husband and Wife Special $8.95

sliced beef & tripe served in spicy sauce

C2. Chicken in Wine Sauce (Bone In) $7.95

C3. Four Happiness Sponge Tofu $6.95

Braised Tofu served with bamboo shoots and wood ear mushrooms

C4. Cucumber Salad with garlic sauce $6.95

C5. Sweet & Sour Black Wood Ear Mashroom $6.95

C6. Potherb Mustard & Tofu Skin $6.95

C7. Beef Tendon in Chili Oil $8.95

C8. Seaweed & Garlic $5.95

C9. Savory Pressed Tofu with Chinese Celery $6.95

C10. Spicy Bamboo Shoot $6.95

C11. Jelly Fish w. Turnip $6.95

C12. Shredded Pig Ear w. Spicy Sauce $8.95

C13. Kalimeris Indica $6.95

C14. Fried Pork Chop$6.95


B1.Pan Fried Pork Buns (6) $7.25

B2.Pan Fried Pork Dumplings (6) $6.75

B3.Pan Fried Beef Dumplings (6) $7.95

B4.Shanghai Siu Mai (4) $4.50

Pork, Shrimp & Mushroom

B5.Chicken Siu Mai (4) $5.50

Chicken & Shrimp

B6. Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (6) $6.25

B7. Handmade Steamed Pork & Cabbage Dumplings(8) $6.25

B8. Handmade Steamed Pork & Chive Dumplings(8) $6.25

B9. Pork & Vegetable Wontons in Spicy Sauce & Peanuts Sauce(8) $6.25

B10. Pork & Vegetable Wontons Soup(8) $6.25


D1.Noodle w. Beef & Shredded Pepper (No Soup) $8.95

D2.Noodle with Scallion Sauce (No Soup) $6.25

D3.Braised Beef Noodle Soup $9.95

D4.Vegetable Noodle Soup $6.95

D5.Pork & Potherb Mustard Noodle Soup $7.75

D6.Pork & Pickled Mustard Noodle Soup $7.75

D7.Pork Chop Noodle Soup $8.75

D8.Fish Fillet & Pickled Cabbage Noodle Soup $8.75

D9.Beef & Chili Pepper Noodle Soup $8.75

D10.Seafood Noodle Soup $9.95


E1.Shanghai Pan Fried Udon $7.95

thick pan-fried noodles with bok choy, shredded pork, and house special sauce

E2.Beef Pan Fried Udon $10.95

E3.Seafood Fried Udon$11.95

E4. Pan Fried Crispy Noodle w. Vegetable $11.95

E5. Pan Fried Crispy Noodle w. Shredded Pork pp

E6. Pan Fried Crispy Noodle w. Shredded Beef $

E7. Pan Fried Crispy Noodle w. Shredded Chicken pp

E8. Pan Fried Crispy Noodle w. Seasonal Seafood $

E9. Pan Fried Crispy Noodle w. Pork, Shrimp & Fish Fillet $

E10. Fried Rice Cake w. Vegetable $

E11. Fried Rice Cake w. Shredded Pork & Potherb Mustard $

E12. Fried Rice Cake w. Shredded Pork $

E13. Fried Rice Cake w. Shredded Chicken $

E14. Fried Rice Cake w. Shredded Beef $

E15. Fired Rice Cake w. Seasonal Seafood $


G1.Steamed Chicken Soup (for one serving) $6.95

free-range chicken steamed for two hours with Chinese herbs


H1.Pumpkin Cake $4.95

H2.Lotus Seed white Wood Ear Mushroom Soup$6.95

Frozen food


Handmade Steamed Pork, Shrimp & Cabbage Dumplings (50pcs)

Handmade Steamed Pork, Shrimp & Chive Dumplings (50pcs)

Pork & Vegetable Wonton (30pcs)

Soup Dumpling

Nan Xiang Soup Dumplings (30pcs)

Crab Meat & Pork Soup Dumplings (30pcs)

Gourd Luffa, Shrimp, Pork Soup Dumplings (30pcs)

Chicken Soup Dumplings (No Pork) (30pcs)

Scallop & Pork Soup Dumplings (30pcs)

Truffle Pork Soup Dumplings (30pcs)

Pan Fried Buns

Pan Fried Pork Buns (30pcs)

Pan Fried Crab Meat & Pork Buns (30pcs)

(Limited quantity) Pan Fried Truffle Pork Buns(30pcs)