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What's special about our
soup dumplings?
Thin Skin + Various Ingredients
+ Tasty Filling + Savory Soup
+ Pretty Shape!

The skin of Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao is made with bread flour without fermentation. After steaming, you can see the beautiful shape of our soup dumplings and the transparency from the super thin skin.

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When you take a bite, you can taste the juicy meat with fresh soup in your mouth. We also recommend adding a few drops of black vinegar and some shredded ginger to the soup dumplings.

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How to enjoy Xiao Long Bao?
Picking up the dumpling
1Picking up the dumpling

Use chopsticks or tongs to GENTLY lift the dumpling from the basket. Tip: The pleatson on top are the thickest part of the dumpling. Grab it from there.

Transfer to spoon
2 Transfer to spoon

Very slowly and carefully place the dumpling onto your soup spoon.

3 Take a bite

Take a small bite from the top of the soup dumpling to create an opening and release the steam.

4 Eat the dumpling

After enjoying the soup, dip the dumpling into our housemade vinegar and ginger for a great taste. Caution: Dumpling filling may be very hot!

Drink the soup
5 Drink the soup

Carefully drink the soup from the opening you created or pour some vinegar into the dumpling and sip the soup from the dumpling. Caution! It's very hot!

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